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About Me

I moved to San Diego from the Colorado high country in the fall of 2006. While this place couldn't be more different than where I previously lived for 10 years, it's great to have an amazing family, good friends, and the Pacific Ocean all nearby.

You can find out a lot more about me on this site. There's the work stuff: my resumé, along with some examples what I've been doing for a living over the past 22 years. Then there's the personal stuff (you're in that section that right now): a little bit about the music I've been making, and some random thoughts about coffee and so on.

If you're someone I haven't met, you've stumbled across this site for some random reason, and you actually find something here that you like, makes you think, or makes you smile, well, go ahead and add yourself to the guest book.

Peter Vanags • 2340 Cambridge Ave • Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007 • (970) 209-5788