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Professional Resume

Peter Vanags
2340 Cambridge Avenue
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

tel: (970) 209-5788


I am a software architect and software engineer, user experience and user interface designer with over 22 years of technology and design experience on a broad range of software, network, server and mobile device platforms.

Most recently, I have been working as a Senior Developer creating Android, GoogleTV and iOS applications and SDKs for video/audio streaming over home networks between DLNA connected devices.

I am seeking a technical leadership position where I can use my broad technology, consulting, engineering and design experience to lead software teams to successful product releases.


Software and Systems Architect: SDKs and software frameworks, mobile and desktop application, server, network and systems architectures.

Software Engineer: mobile, desktop and web based application development, with a special emphasis on user interface engineering.

User Experience Designer: needs and task analyses, hardware and software prototyping, usability testing, documentation and specifications.

User Interface Designer: conceptual design, graphic design, art direction, illustration, mockups, final production art.


PacketVideo, Inc., San Diego, CA Senior Member of Technical Staff 2008-2012

Senior developer responsible for software architecture, mobile app engineering, SDK and framework APIs for DLNA multimedia home networking.

Over four and a half years, was a principal contributor on nearly a dozen successful product, mobile application, and SDK deployments to global wireless carriers, CE product manufacturers and consumers, including the Twonky product line of multi-platform media sharing and streaming applications and the DLNA applications on the VIZIO Co-Star GoogleTV appliance.

Deployment platforms included iOS, Android / GoogleTV, Windows, Windows Mobile, Brew, Symbian, and Linux. Languages included Java, Objective-C, C++, C, SQL, and Flash / ActionScript / Flex.

Dakar Technology Inc., Carlsbad, CA Product Designer 2007

Responsible for a broad range of product design and implementation tasks including overall user experience, hardware and software user interface design, industrial design, hardware specification, software architecture, hardware and software prototyping, market research and more.

U dot I, Inc., San Francisco, CA Senior Human Interface Architect 1994-95

Senior designer and consultant to U dot I's clients (included in Consulting Clients list). Actively participated in ACM SigCHI conferences, workshops, and ACM research papers.

Arnowitz Studios, Mill Valley, CA Interface Designer and Programmer 1990-94

Lead user interface designer for the Studio's early groundbreaking multimedia projects, kiosks, and commercial CD-ROMs. Sole programmer or member of the programming team for many of these products.

Clement Mok Designs, San Francisco, CA Designer and Programmer 1989-1990

Designer and programmer for Apple CD-ROM publications, people finder kiosks for the TED conference, and other early-era multimedia projects.


Electronic Ink, Cardiff by the Sea, CAOwner1988-present

Electronic Ink has been my consulting and software publishing business for most of my professional life. The company started as a graphic design, illustration and digital prepress consulting firm. Over the past 24 years, the business has taken on diverse projects in graphic design, digital pre-press, exhibit design, interactive CD-ROM production and more. Electronic Ink's current software projects include publishing a suite of Xtras for Macromedia Director.

Thin Air Software Company LLC, Crested Butte, COOwner1997-2005

Thin Air is a web technology design and development company that I founded in 1997, ran for 7 years, then handed off to new owners in 2005. Thin Air's primary business is to build and host client web sites based around a proprietary suite of web application frameworks, components and services. All of Thin Air's technologies were designed and developed by me.


Full Swing Golf, Inc., Rancho Bernardo, CA 2007-2010

Software consultant to Full Swing's Research and Development group. Responsible for architecture and integration of the company's next generation real-time 3D golf simulator product prototype, including plugin design and development, proof-of-concept testing, debugging, UI and display architecture, DirectX integration and frame rate optimization.

3VR Corporation, San Francisco, CA 2006-07

User Interface Designer and Programmer, responsible for designing and programming UI styles, skins and widgets for the next generation of 3VR's product user interface. Created widget designs and mockups, then implemented them as a collection of finished C#/.NET base classes.

Visto Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA 2006-07

User Experience contractor, responsible for product design, interface design, software architecture and web application engineering for Visto Mobile: a new web based, consumer oriented product offering from Visto.

Document Express, San Diego, CA 1998-present

User interface and software engineering consultant for the Document Express email and contact management product. Designed both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X versions of the product's user interface and desktop icon family, and assisted the company in refining the product’s feature list and shaping its functionality.

Organic, Inc., New York, NY and San Francisco, CA 1998

Special project assisting the Organic executive team in the selection of an enterprise project management system. Needs and task analyses, on-line user surveys, final white paper report.

Intervista Software, San Francisco, CA 1997

Windows human interface and application programmer (C++/MFC/Java) for 3D VRML editing tool.

The HyperMedia Group, Emeryville, CA 1996-97

Software architect and lead programmer for a series of K-6 classroom learning tools on 12 CD-ROMs, published by Simon & Schuster.

Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA 1990-1996

A wide range of projects for many internal clients, including trade show exhibit design, CD-ROM design and development, human interface design, knowledge navigation design for Apple's programmer technical documentation, and other consulting.

Paramount/Viacom, New York, NY and Mountain View, CA 1994-95

Human interface design, system specification, and video prototyping for interactive television pilot project at The Paramount Media Kitchen and Viacom New York.

Ex Machina, Inc., New York, New York 1995

Human interface design and specification and software engineering for Ex Machina's entire wireless messaging product line.

Northern Telecom, Mountain View, CA 1994

Human interface design, artwork, specification and style guide for network management tools.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC 1994

Design for an interactive geology kiosk in Gem & Mineral Hall.


Language/Environment Proficiency Years
Java / Android app developmentexpert 4
iOS / Objective-C app developmentadvanced 1
Object-oriented software architecture, SDKs & frameworksexpert 22
C++ programmingexpert 22
Macintosh OS X application programming expert 9
Windows Win32 programmingexpert 15
Adobe Director / OO Lingo programmingexpert 20
Adobe Director Xtras development (Mac/Win)expert 18


Language/Environment Proficiency Years
Web Application architectures (ASP / JSP / PHP / ColdFusion / MySQL / MSSQL / etc.)expert15
DHTML / Ajax / XML / Web 2.0 authoringexpert8
HTML / JavaScript / CSS authoringexpert15
Adobe Flash Authoring / ActionScript programmingadvanced7
Adobe Flex / ActionScript programmingadvanced3
ColdFusion / CFML programmingexpert15
SQL / MySQL / MSSQL programmingexpert15


2009 CES Innovations Award: Design & Engineering Showcase Honors (TwonkyMedia Manager)

Silver Apple Award from the National Educational Media Network (AstroWord)

International and Regional Gold CINDY Awards from the International Association of Audio Visual Communications (AstroWord)

Gold World Medal, New York Festival's Sixth Annual Interactive Multimedia Awards Competition (AstroWord)

Three education products chosen by the US Library of Congress as pioneering examples of multimedia learning for its permanent Interactive Media collection in Washington DC. (St. Louis Zoo, Computer Dimensions, The Animals!)


University of California, Berkeley, CA 1987-88
NBA/ARCO Merit Scholarship Recipient 1987
National Merit Scholarship Finalist 1987


Research SCUBA Diving Instructor and Research Divemaster.

Proficient in singlehanded sailing and powerboat handling.

Student Pilot with 60+ single engine hours.

Chef with experience in 50-80 seat restaurants, catering and events.

Upright bassist with 25 years of performance experience, from symphony orchestras to rock bands.

Peter Vanags • 2340 Cambridge Ave • Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007 • (970) 209-5788